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Lipnica Wielka (Korzena) Brickyard "Widomia" for sale!

The property consists of two plots with numbers 883/5 and 883/6 with a total area of ​​3.91 Ha (39,100 m2), of which:

Plot 883/5 is located in a slightly sloping area and constitutes the "Widomia I" clay deposit (these are the so-called Krosno shales, a clay raw material for building ceramics). Surface exploitation of deposits is possible in accordance with mining law, and its conditions are described in the current Local Spatial Development Plan of the Korzenna commune. Resolution of the Commune Council No. XXIX/175/2005, Official Journal of the Małopolska Voivodeship of March 9, 2006 No. 115, item 722. According to the draft amendment to the Local Development Plan "Lipnica 3", plot areas marked PE, raw material exploitation areas and PU: production and service areas (as in the project scan). The plot with a south-west slope is a mining area (clay deposit), but no exploitation of the raw material has started so far.

Plot 883/6 plot 2.05 ha, partly covered with brickworks buildings with a total area
1224 m2 with a brick kiln (Hoffman's circular kiln), a chimney, administrative part and outbuildings (shelter).
Utility of the area with utilities:
overhead electrical network, connection made with an earth cable, overhead telecommunication network, low voltage power poles, no water supply and sewage network, no municipal gas network.
The plot includes: approved sewage and water design, expected construction within 1 year at the expense of the commune (scan), currently powered by a well located on the neighboring property.
Transport accessibility: access via an asphalt municipal road and a concrete road.
The square around the buildings is paved with concrete slabs.
The property is located approximately 2 km from the public road between Korzenna and Bobowa. The Lipniczanka stream flows along the western part of the property, and there are residential buildings on the northern side. The property is located in the south-eastern part of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in the Nowy Sącz district, 22 km from Nowy Sącz, 11 km from Grybów, and 31 km from Gorlice.

Technical condition:

The main building is connected to the municipal water and sewage network. The main building is in average technical condition. All structural elements do not show any deformations that would pose a threat to the safety of use, but the finishing elements such as window and door joinery, wall cladding, floors and installations are in poor technical condition and require replacement.
The remaining buildings: shed, storage room, etc., are suitable for demolition.

Property description

Offer no. PTY-BS-582
Size 1 224,00 m²
Type of office block plant
Legal status property
Access asphalt
Surrounding manufacturing plant
Parking available yes


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